As the world faces a serious global climate change crisis, it’s important-now more then ever-to stand up together and make change happen.

As a GreenCircle salon, here at HairMatters, we’ve been making a positive impact on the environment, climate, and beauty industry. 

Not only are we working towards becoming a zero impact salon, we are also passionate about inspiring others to follow suit.

As part of the GreenCircle Salons Network, we ensure that everything from our hair clippings, excess hair color, metals, single use items, PPE waste, papers, carboard, and plastics to any other beauty waste is sent to GreenCircle where they recycle, recover and repurpose it-giving beauty waste new life.

This last year GreenCircle Salon Members kept 1,284,437 lbs of beauty waste out of our landfills and water ways!


Greencircle sorts hair clippings and sends them to one of four partnered facilities. At the facility the hair will be either…

Used to research and develop new environmental technology like insulation and stormwater filtration.

Turned into bio-composite plastic to make new products like recycling bins.

Made into products to be used for Humanitarian efforts.

Composted with other organic waste.